About Us


In 2002, an anonymous donor gave Trinity Bible Church a donation with one string attached: Start an inner-city ministry that goes beyond “feeding fish.” Fueled by different holy discontents towards fatherlessness, indignity, racism, and injustice, the church elders accepted the challenge, and the Bridge Ministry of Acadiana (BMA) was birthed.

About 25 people met after church over pizza to discuss how and where to begin. The group studied and traveled for a year to get our theology correct before moving out in our actions. As Jesus moved into our lives, we moved into the Four Corners neighborhood of Lafayette, LA. We began going door-to-door, introducing ourselves and listening to our neighbors’ dreams for a better tomorrow. Our goal was to, ultimately, become friends.


When Covid forced us to shut down Bridge Community Christian School in 2020, we partnered with an under-resourced school in our local neighborhood – Holy Family Catholic School (HFCS). In this partnership, to close the Achievement Gap, BMA provides professional educators, faith mentors, and volunteers for our Bridge Tutoring (after-school) & GROW (summer) Programs four days a week. And it is working most effectively and efficiently! Children, parents, teachers, and everyone involved is seeing our precious children reach higher goals. We believe that every child should experience the love of God, know they are created in the dignity of His image, have access to exceptional learning experiences, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential in the community with like minds and hearts.


As Holy Family Catholic School continues to grow its enrollment in its new buildings, we must expand our capacity to meet the needs appropriately. We have already doubled our kindergarten classes in our after-school and summer programs and will double our 1st-grade classes in the fall of 2023. Our summer program has reached capacity, and we cannot accept any additional students due to the current space limitation of our facility.

Executive Staff

Claudy St. Louis

Executive Director

Claudy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Louisiana College and a master’s degree in Sports Administration from Arkansas State University. He most recently served as Athletic Director at Westminster Christian Academy Lafayette, a K-12 private Christian school.

Claudy has dedicated his entire career to working with students of all ages. He enjoys the opportunity to engage young minds, share the gospel and the love of Christ with his students. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and watching and playing sports.

Claudy has been married to Michelle for 8 years and they have four children: Mina, Callie, Elliott, and Laila.

Rachael Stonicher

Director of Education

Rachael Stonicher was born and raised on the north side of Lafayette LA. She is married to Doug and they have three children, ages 37, 33 and 22. They also have four grandchildren ages 14, 11, 6, and 3.

She loves to travel and spend time with the people God has surrounded her with. Her greatest passions are studying God’s Word, teaching God’s Word and discipling others to be followers of God’s Word!

Board of Directors

Nelson Warner


Claudy St. Louis

Executive Director

Pat Trahan

Treasurer & HFCS Liaison

Jules Edwards

Secretary & PWTAO Liaison

Pete Prados

HR & Social Media

Josh Kines

Pastor- Parish Church

Lena Griffin Sellers

PWTAO President

Al Cotten