Our Programs

Extended School Days

The drop-out rate continues to plague Louisiana’s education system. Nearly 15% of students who enter Louisiana high schools drop out, with each student costing the state over $10,500 a year for a child to repeat a grade.

BMA’s quality after-school program model addresses the root of these problems at a fraction of the cost – $1,200 per year. Ten students can attend BMA’s after school for what it costs taxpayers for one child to repeat a school grade!

256,040 kids in Louisiana would attend afterschool programs if they were available.

147,333 kids are on their own daily during the hours after school in Louisiana.

Bridge Tutoring

BMA strategically partners with Holy Family Catholic School, local churches, businesses, government & schools. Our In-School-After-School Campus Teams are comprised of Campus Coordinators, Professional Teachers, and College-age Mentors & Volunteers who all share the same heart to love, educate, and transform all the students in our community. BMA provides 3 hours of academic help, Christian character-building, and life skills activities 4 days a week. Visit us and see our work of love in action!


(Generations Realizing Our Worth)

The BMA’s Director of Education leads our GROW Program. BMA’s teams include certified teachers, college-age mentors, and all-age volunteers. During the school year, teams engage and challenge students spiritually, educationally, emotionally, physically, and socially for 40 hours a week. During the summer, teams create a fun-filled learning environment at BMA’s beautiful campus for 6 weeks. Students (and adults!) have fun while focusing on reading and math, developing valuable life skills, building friendships, and growing their hearts spiritually. Students also gain life skills such as financial literacy, STEM skills, and healthy relationship development. Employment skills are also taught, including resume development, social and workplace rules of etiquette, and appropriate attire. Performing and visual arts experiences throughout the summer inspire the development of self-confidence, self-awareness, and creativity. Older students broaden their horizons by visiting universities and touring local businesses and industries around Louisiana.

Feeding Program

BMA has partnered over the years with Second Harvest Food Bank to provide meals and snacks to our students year-round. There were 8,200 meals, and snacks served to our children in 2022. BMA also provides food at different neighborhood and school functions, large and small.

The 100X Men’s Bible Study

The name 100X represents Jesus’ parable of the good soil that produces 100 times what is sown. Our neighborhood 100X Men’s Bible Study has been meeting weekly since 2004, with neighborhood men leading the study for the past 10 years. We have become a diverse group coming together as friends from society’s lower and upper reaches and different ethnic groups. We know that when we look around our small gathering at the Bridge, it is a small glimpse of what Heaven will look like!

Partnerships & Associations

Holy Family Catholic School

Diocese of Lafayette

Trinity Bible Church

The Bayou Church

Young Life

Ragin Cajun Catholics

BCM (Ragin Cajuns)

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Parish Church

Crossroads Church

Second Harvest Food Bank

PWTAO (Neighborhood Association)

Living Hope

Living Glory Church