Get Involved

Partner With Us

Contact us to explore ways that you, a group, or your church are interested in becoming a partner with BMA.  A variety of time options are available especially through our ongoing All-Day-All-Year School Programs. We would also love to brainstorm with you about ways we can join hands in Christian Community Development efforts within the Bridge neighborhood and beyond.

We are very grateful for all our Bridge-Building partnerships and invite you to join us if you haven’t already!

Volunteer Opportunities


Express your faith in love by tutoring a student one-on-one, or reading to a class during our Bridge Tutoring program Monday-Thursday 2:30 pm-5:30 pm.

Main Campus Assistance

We are always looking for professional volunteers that can help us with everyday business and maintenance needs such as computer networking and I.T. issues, handyman needs, moving things… if you have a heart to help, we’d love to meet you! Some of our families could have similar needs that could become a major blessing to the underserved right in our backyard.

Join the Staff

Paid Part-time Mentors

Support the teachers in the classroom during tutoring in many ways including; reading to students or a class, leading bible studies, disciple making, mentoring , and generally engaging young students K-5.

Paid Part-time Teachers

Help students with homework, reinforce math and reading, help with other subjects, generally tutoring of K-5 students.